Hey there! I’m Kristie Jen, the artist behind KLJ Design Co., lover of calligraphy, watercolor, and refreshing pops of blues, greens, and yellows. KLJ Design Co. was born out of a love for letterforms, a respect for the written word, and a need for a refreshing sense of joy in the creative process. I approach calligraphy and design with two goals in mind:

  1. To create purposeful, joyful, and meticulously designed pieces, and

  2. To be the vessel through which you can express your deepest passions, beliefs, and wishes.

As a lifelong doodler, I’ve come to realize that words + pen + ink + paper bring me to my happy place, and that these elements, combined in the right way, can tell powerful stories.

If you’re ready to share your vision with me and tell your story through beautifully classic lettering and calligraphy, contact me now!

Mike Sperlak Photography

Mike Sperlak Photography