Hey what's up hello world.

New friends, family, internet followers. WELCOME!

My website had been suffering from a spider-webby, dust-covered cover page with "COMING SOON" in big bold letters. Apparently, to me, "soon" means 375 days, but who's counting?!



Despite my significant delay, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to my new website and blog. Part of my hesitation with launching my online home has been an overwhelming acknowledgement that I might not get it right the first time. That I might not be able to express what I want to. That my communication might fall flat on its face. Thanks to loving encouragement from Shanna Skidmore that "done is better than perfect" and the incredible ease of Squarespace in translating my vision, my website is here and I'm ready to grow with it and you.

My hope is to share behind the scenes looks at my ongoing projects, share the joys and pains of small business ownership, seek feedback and inspiration from you, and find a way to document this journey. It means the world that you would even consider reading my posts, but I would love to hear from you! What would YOU want to see more of on a calligraphy and hand lettering blog? 

Thank you for being you <3